After the beta release in August, last month we wrapped up the final release of V5. This new release includes:

🙏 Thanks to @Pablohn26, @SakuradaJun, @Yossi-a, @alison985, @ariarijp, @arikfr, @atharvai, @combineads, @coreyhuinker, @deecay, @denisov-vlad, @emtwo, @gabrieldutra, @innovia, @jezdez, @jrbenny35, @kocsmy, @kravets-levko, @kyoshidajp, @matsumo, @maxv, @mtrbean , @nasmithan, @sieben, @sjakthol, @tdawber, @tdsmith, @washort and @yuua who contributed to this release.

Tagging and favorites support for dashboards and queries

Following the discussion about better discovery and organization of queries and dashboards in Redash, in V5 we introduce both favorites and tags support. Your favorites will now show up on the homepage and dropdown menus of Redash.

New Homepage with Favorites

The dashboard and queries list pages were also updated and now have filtering and sorting options, along with the favorites and tags controls:

New List Pages

This was the first step in improving content discovery in Redash. In future versions we want to improve the search experience and introduce a unified search for dashboards, queries and alerts.

Extensive work on parameters UI

In this version we also did some work to improve how parameters work in Redash. For starters, there is a button (and keyboard shortcut) to add parameters to the query:

We improved the UI of date parameters:

And added new Date Range parameter type:

And lastly we added the option to set Now/Today as the default value of date parameters.

Additional Improvements

  • Users list page was improved (search, additional information)
  • You can now disable users which are no longer active in your account.
  • Query editor improvements: additional keyboard shortcuts and support for searching in query text.
  • Visualizations improvements: option to select colors of pie chart sectors, X Axis type auto detect and option to format values, labels and tooltips.
  • New data sources support: Yandex Metrica and AppMetrica.

And more bug fixes and smaller improvements.

What’s Next?

For the next release we plan to keep focusing on improving the parameters experience. This time improve the dashboard parameters experience along with adding support for parameters in embeds in shared dashboards.

As always, we’re happy to get feedback from you. You’re welcome to share it here in the comments or the forum.