Judging by our announcement posts you might think we disappeared 😬 But fear not, we've actually been busy working on the product. So busy in fact that we didn't take a moment to stop and share our progress with you 🤦

But the last release of Redash includes so many exciting things that we couldn't keep quiet anymore. While we tested this release on our hosted platform over the summer, and had a public beta of the Open Source version for a month, last week we made the final release of Redash version 8.

No more excuses for you. Fire up your console and run this upgrade!

What's new in this release?

A lot. We've written in detail about it on our forum. But in short:


We finally made parameters safe to use in shared visualizations, shared dashboards, and by read-only accounts. This is one of the most requested features from our users. For now it applies only to non text-type parameters. So if your query uses those you won't be able to share it outside your org. But dates, numbers, and dropdowns are fine!

Also we overhauled the parameters UI to make it more user friendly, added quick date and date range options, and enabled value multi-select for dropdown list parameters.

Quick Date Range, Date, and Multi-Select Dropdown parameter types

Data Sources

There are 4 new data sources (Azure Data Explorer, Couchbase, Phoenix and Dgraph) and existing ones got improvements and bug fixes.

Visualizations and UX

We added a new visualization type called Details View. And made bug fixes or improvements to our charts, maps, and counters.

An example of the Details View visualization type

... and more

There are more bug fixes and improvements to the API.

As always this release wouldn't be the same without our community and contributors.

~50 People contributed to this release
How to upgrade? If you’re a SaaS customer, you don’t need to do anything — we always run the latest and greatest for you. 😎 If you’re using a self hosted instance, you can find upgrade instructions here 🔗.

New Cloud AMIs

Open source users will be glad to know that all our cloud AMIs are updated to V8, as is our app-image in the Digital Ocean app marketplace.

What's Next

We are already hard at work on Version 9. It includes new Alert customization options, further improvements to parameters, and more data sources.

Version 9 will also conclude some of the less visible efforts we were hard at work on: migrating to React on the front-end and Python 3 on the back-end. While this doesn't impact your day to day usage of Redash, it sure will help us accelerate the pace of improving the product in the future.

As always, we’re happy to get feedback from you. You’re welcome to share it here in the comments or the forum.