Setting up an Alert in Redash takes just three steps: pick a query, set a threshold, and decide how to be notified. In V9 we made each step better and more customizable.

New Alerts Screen
New Alerts Screen

See top row value during Alert Setup

When configuring an alert, you can now see the current value of the relevant database field from the Alerts setup screen. No more guessing or switching back and forth between screens! We will also warn you if the query isn't scheduled yet.

Top Row Value is shown below the threshold selection widgets

More alert criteria options

We added "greater than or equal to" (>=), "less than or equal to " (<=), and "not equal to" (!=) operators. We also re-arranged the settings panel and made the prompts more intuitive.

New options for threshold conditions

Criteria and value are no longer limited to being number and you can use text and boolean values as well.

Custom Notification Templates

Your alert destinations can now receive more than just links back to Redash. With custom notification templates, you decide what contextual information to include when the alert fires, including variables like QUERY_RESULT_VALUE and ALERT_THRESHOLD. This makes alert notifications more meaningful to you and your team.

Example of a custom template query.

Available Now

These changes are already available on our hosted platform. This is also in the Open Source repository and will be part of the next OSS release (V9, scheduled towards end of 2019).