This is a really packed release, that was almost 2 months in the making. The highlight of this release is probably the new design/UX improvements (see screenshots) but also includes:

  • Shared/public dashboards: you can now generate a secret link, that allows access to a single dashboard (similar to how shareable links work for Google Docs).
  • Dashboards the user doesn’t have access to any of their widgets are no longer shown to him.
  • New admin views to show currently executing queries.
  • DynamoDB support.
  • Better full screen view for dashboards.
  • Ability to receive a password reset link by email.
  • Improvements and fixes to the InfluxDB, TreasureData, Impala, Vertica , Sqlite and MongoDB query runners.
  • Documentation improvements and more.

(Full Change Log)

As always I would like to thank all who contributed to this release: @machira, @gseva, @AntoineAugusti, @tdawber, @groveriffic, @alexanderlz, @tsibley, @erans, @toru-takahashi, @ink-adavison, @ChiragKParmar, @jkatsnelson, @seanauriti, @staritza, @kasajei, @kirikiriyamama and @jeffwidman.

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Backward Incompatible Changes

We added few more permissions, enabling more granular control over what a user can do. If you’re using custom groups and not all of your users are members of the default group, you might need to manually update your group permissions list.

How to upgrade?

See documentation.