This is a hotfix for a memory usage issue: due to a stupid bug, we were not removing some unused objects from Redis, which results in ever increasing memory usage.

This is a backport of pull request #1064 from v0.11.0 to v0.10.0. Upgrading to this release will stop the memory usage increase, but if you want to cleanup Redis you can use the following script:

from redash import redis_connection 

if __name__ == '__main__': 
    for k in redis_connection.keys('query_task_tracker:*'):
        if redis_connection.zscore('query_task_trackers:done', k) is None and redis_connection.zscore('query_task_trackers:waiting', k) is None and redis_connection.zscore('query_task_trackers:in_progress', k) is None: 

This script is not efficient, but will do the job. Note that it supposed to be run from your Redash directory (usually /opt/redash/current) using the bin/run utility.

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How to upgrade?

See documentation.