This version includes a significant refactor and update of the permissions system (check pull request #724 for details) and some backward incompatible changes (see below). I recommend to be extra cautious when upgrading — make sure it’s not peak hour of usage and that you have a backup.

Also in this version we replaced the HighCharts charting library with’s library, as the former wasn’t open source.

While I’m usually online on our Slack channel, I’ll also be available specifically for upgrade questions & help during the following “office hours”:

If there will be demand, I will post additional office hours here and on Twitter.

If anything isn’t clear, don’t hesitate to reach out over Slack, Google Groups or just leave here a comment. Also “private support” options are available (details TBD).

Changes since v0.8.3.b1192:


  • #724 New permissions system, with ability to restrict access to certain data sources based on group membership (see pull request for more details). (@arikfr)
  • #687: Replace HighCharts with (@alonho)
  • #664 Ability to embed visualizations in external sites (@akariv)
  • #753 Show meaningful message when no data sources defined yet (@arikfr)
  • #714 Load schema for MongoDB data source. (@erans)
  • #711 Update forked query name to “Copy of #XYZ…” (@alexanderlz)
  • #710 BigQuery: option to limit amount of MB processed per query (@ryotarai)
  • #680 Show rows count per table (for supported data sources) (@alexanderlz)
  • #746 Option to update a query every 30 days (@Xangis)
  • #631: Alert rearm setting which allows periodic resending of alert messages. (@blu35ky)
  • #765 Support for HipChat Server (@nakechi)
  • #751 Option to set # of proxies for the ProxyFix (@arikfr)
  • #742 Option to enforce HTTPs at the “Flask level” (@arikfr)


  • #758: Update dashboard after layout change (@arikfr)
  • #757: Fix infinite digest loop in counter visualization (@arikfr)
  • #739: Support for unicode in alert name (@toyama0919)
  • #725: Google OAuth — support for next param (@akariv)
  • #722: Fix: use second y axis for line charts while stacking (@ninneko)
  • #716: Fix #708: dashboard breaks when removing widgets and adding again (@arikfr)


  • #759: Remove unused client side code (@arikfr)
  • #743: Explicitly add httplib2 to requirements (@arikfr)
  • #741: Upgrade gunicorn version to latest. (@arikfr)
  • #707: Build dependencies during building Docker image (@ryotarai)
  • #723: Collect metrics on query time & request time (@arikfr)


Backward Incompatible Changes

The tables property in groups (and feature) was removed. If you used this, please create the relevant datasources when migrating.

How to upgrade?

See documentation.