We just packaged version 0.11.1 and looking at what’s next.

We just finished* packaging version 0.11.1 of Redash (which is already powering the hosted Redash for the past month) and it’s ready for you to upgrade.

* Well not really “just finished”. This post was in draft for quite some time, as I just had a new baby join my family.

This release is the result of the work done by 18 contributors (!) and includes many fixes and improvements. The highlights of this release are:

  • Alert Destinations: you can now configure your alerts to send Slack/HipChat/Webhook/Email notifications when triggered. Adding new destinations is very easy and we welcome new ones (see existing destinations’ code for reference).
  • The long-awaited UI for query parameters and ability to set a default value for a parameter. This is the first step, and we have many plans to improve this feature (add support for drop downs, better support in dashboards and more).
Parameters UI Demo

Slack Bot

While the built in support for Slack in Redash allows for sending alerts to Slack, we also introduced a Slack bot to help you bring Redash visualizations to your conversations on Slack. It’s open for everyone to use (though you need your Redash instance to be publicly available).

Currently the Slack bot is not open source, but we have plans on open sourcing it by merging its functionality into the main repository.

What’s next?

Sankey and Sunburst Sequences visualization examples

The next release is already taking shape and going to include:

  • 3 new visualizations (Sankey, Sunburst Sequences and improved map) and fixes to the chart visualization.
  • Improvements to the BigQuery query runner (support for UDFs and Standard SQL) and to the Presto query runner (support for loading schema).
  • Improved query editor with better support for auto complete.

And, as always, much more.

Approaching v1.0

The release after 0.12.0 is going to be 1.0! ✌🏻 The plan for the v1.0 release is to improve our migrations handling to allow easier upgrades and make Docker the official deployment method of Redash. As part of the v1.0 release, we plan to “modernize” our frontend stack to make it easier to work on it and adopt modern workflows.


Your feedback is always appreciated. You’re welcome to share it here in the comments, on our discussion forum and on Twitter.